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Current Assyrian Professional Athletes - Soccer



Brief Profile
Name: Akram Ammanoel
Date of Birth: 1967
Club: Al Quawa Al Jawiya (Air Force)
Position: Forward

Started like most players in the local teams in his neighborhood, Bataween. In 1978 he was called to play for the Shorta Junior team and immediately he was promoted in the following season for the youth team.
In 1980, he moved to the Quwa Al Jawiya Youth team under the directions of the coach Jarges Ilias and then Kathem Waal. Being the top scorer with the team, he called up the attention of the first team coach, Mijbil Fartoos to include him in the Club's premier division team for the 83-84 season as he stayed with the team since then except for two season as he joined the Jaish (Military) Club during his Military Service.

Quawa Al Jawiya 1997


He started to get the attention of other coaches and teams in the 91-92 season when he scored 27 Goals even though he missed many games with his club.


In the season of 1996-97, he was chosen as the second player in Iraq after his club won every trophy at hand in that season.


He started his International debt in 1988 as he was selected for the Iraqi Olympic team and then after for the National team, yet did not get his true chance until 1992 to play as a starter.

Quawa Al Jawiya 2000

Click here to watch Akram Ammanoel scores a winning goal against Al-Shourta in a 1-0 win in the 4th League game of the 2000 season



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