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Brief Profile


Waad Hermiz

Date of Birth:

July 1, 1960


San Diego Sockers (MLS-USA)



Ex-club (s):

Al-Zawraa (Iraq)


Playing Career:

Started his soccer career with a one the best clubs in Iraq, Al-Zawraa. He played for the U19 team when he was moved up to the 1st team after the great Fallah Hassan broke his leg in a league game.


Shortly after, he moved to the United States were he continued his career with the San Diego Sockers in the MLS.


He won six Sockers Championship Rings during his seven years with the club, and finished as the club's fifth All-time regular season and playoff scoring leader.


Even though he stopped playing on the professional level, he continued his soccer career in coaching as he coached the U-17 Southwest Soccer Club in North County, USA an The Boys Varsity soccer coach at Fallbrook High.


Waad also appeared with the legendary Pele, along with San Diego Sockers players Michael Collins, Victor Nogueira, on a special edition commemorative sheet distributed at the National Sports Collectors Convention.


Coaching Career

Waad's coaching career began in 1996 immediately after his professional career. He was quickly honored with selection as one of the Top 100 Soccer Leaders in California. In 2001, Waad was honored as High School Coach of the year as well as being honored as North County (San Diego) Coach of the year. His coaching career includes experience with U.S.S.F, MISL, High School and Soccer Clubs:

  • Surf Soccer Club 1996

  • Temecula Soccer Club 1997-1998

  • St. Augustine High School 1998-1999

  • Fallbrook High School 2000-2002

  • Southwest Soccer Club 1999-2002

  • Fury Futbol Club 2002


Team Accomplishments:

1998, 1999 CIF Quarter Finals, Varsity Head Coach, St. Augustine High School San Diego

2000-2001 CIF Division 1 Finals, Varsity Head Coach, Fallbrook High

2001-2002 CIF Division 1 Semi-Finals, Varsity Head Coach, Fallbrook High


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