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Toronto - Canada

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Board of Directors

Board Members

President: Layth Jato
Vice-President: Adel Jona Graish
Secretary: Victor Albert Yousif
Treasurer: Layth Jato
Director: Nasir Isaa
Director: Remon Mansour
Director, Media: Vacant
Director, Marketing: Shatha Jato


Life Time Members



Message from the Board



Dear Friends,
Welcome to the year 2015 Season, the Club's 18th Season.
As the executive of the Club, we have been busy over the winter in preparation for the summer season. We look forward to prepare our teams once again to participate in the Several events including the Assyrian New Year, Assyrian Nationals and add several more honors in representing the Assyrian Canadian community. Our Soccer school is on-going over two nights a week for the youth over the winter and several of our soccer players are abroad in Europe and the USA through contracts and scholarships.
This year our Men's team won it's league and game only short of winning the Cup after losing in the final to another good opponent. Our youth sector is growing in parallel with the growth of our own developmental Futsal League.

The Assyrian Athletic Club of Toronto is a volunteer organization devoted to the youth of our community were the kids come first.
We need your support and encouragement for the success of the upcoming season.
We encourage parents & guardians to get involved in coaching, management, sponsorship or in any way that they can to help our teams and the club.
Lets make our 18th year the best ever.


Last Updated :July 21, 2016

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