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INTEGRITY Makes True Champions

Coaching Code of Ethics - The Principles

Respect for Participants
The principles of respect for participants challenges coaches to act in a manner respectful of the dignity of all participants in sport. Fundamental to this principle is the basic assumption that each person has value and is worth of respect.


Responsible Coaching
The principle of responsible coaching carries the basic ethical expectation that the activities of coaches will benefit society in general and participants in particular and will do no harm. Fundamental to the implementation of this principle is the notion of competence – responsible coaching (maximizing benefits and minimizing risks to participants) is performed by coaches who are 'well prepared and current' in their discipline.


Integrity in Relationships
Integrity means that coaches are expected to be honest, sincere and honorable in their relationships with others. Acting on these values is most possible when coaches possess a high degree of self-awareness and the ability to reflect critically on how their perspectives influence their interactions with others.


Honoring Sport
The principle of honoring sport challenges coaches to recognize, act on and promote the value of sport for individuals and teams and for society in general.


from the Coaching Code of Ethics, CPCA 1993




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