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Hall of Fame

Assyrian Sports Hall of Fame - Soccer




Wilson Rasho - Hilla 1950

Brief History

Started Shining on the National level in 1951 with the Iraqi School Soccer Varsity.


His athletic life started at the age of 16 when he joined the Employee's club alongside young players at the time like Ammo Baba, Youra Eshaya, Hormis Goriel (Captain), Sargis Shimshon Shallou, Sargis Shimshon Shallo, Edison Esha David.


He played with the Employees Club for about 3 years, then moved to Basrah in 1954 as he was employed by Basrah Petroleum co (BPC).  BPC had a team of soccer players of which he immediately enlisted.

He played many games against the IPC Kirkuk Teams of which the famous player Aram Karam and Isaac Isaac were playing with the Kirkuk team and K3.
In 1956 he was selected for the Basrah Team and went to Tehran for a friendly tournament.  Wilson Played 3 games in Tehran against the Royal Air Force, Nadi Shaheen and against a Turkish Team. All games were played at Sahad Amjadeen, Tehran.
In his return to Basrah, Wilson started his Military Service and was selected for the Basrah Army Team.  He played for the army for 3 months then completed the army.  From there he went to Tehran again representing BPS in Tennis.  He was in Tehran for 1 week playing tennis against the Tehran Oil co. and on his way back from Tehran, he played Tennis in Abadan against Abadan Oil Co.
He retired from all sport activities in 1967 and moved to Kuwait for 2 years then to Sydney-Australia where he resides now for 41 years with his wife and 3 children.

Info. provided by Alena Lazar (2011)



Wilson Rasho with the BPC team of 1955


Wilson Rasho's last game before moving to Basra in 1955
(Photo taken by Ammo Baba)


Wilson Rasho 3 - BPC vs IPC - Kirkuk 1955


Wilson Rasho - Tennis - Basrah 1958


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