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Toronto - Canada

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Kha B'Nissan Indoor Soccer Tournament 2000 - 6750


Once again, The Clubs with the Kha B Nissan Committee, are organizing the Fourth Assyrian New Year Indoor Soccer Tournament to be held in Toronto this coming Assyrian New Year, March 25th, 2000. The tournament is only one among the many activities organized for this year’s New Year festivities from March 22nd to April 1st that include activities such as Art, Science, Fashion, Computing and others (information available if requested).

The Tournament will start and finish on the same day; team and player’s trophies will be awarded in the Athletic Kha B-Nissan Dance Party on the same day.

We are hoping that your team (s) can participate in this event. Please advise us of your response as early as possible.

Participating Teams:
Winged Bull (Toronto)
Assyrian Eagles (Hamilton)
Assyrian Stars (Mississauga)
Babylon Lion (Toronto)
ACSU (Toronto)
Detroit Eagles (Detroit - USA)

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